I was born on 12 August 1968 in Boleslawiec, Lower Silesia (Poland). Since 1981 I live in Heilbronn, Germany.

As the youngest of three sisters and two brothers, I had a wonderful childhood.

I neither studied art nor took painting lessons. My grandfather was a painter, so I inherited painting from him.
I had my first art exhibition when I was 16.

Mainly I paint with palette knives and oil paints. Certain motifs keep coming back in my paintings. Colorful landscapes, cities and lovers walking hand in hand. Mothers with children and café scenes also accompany my canvas. In my art you always see the beautiful life. Because of the bright colors, my works appear very colorful and lively and reflect a magnificent freshness of everyday life that is attractive to all age groups.

I paint very fast. Every artwork I finish in just one day. Unfortunately, I hardly have any photographs of my old works today. I never photographed my paintings before. And so I can not trace back how much I have painted in my life.

I never married.
I do not belong to any art club.